unrwa and palestine refugee rights new assaults new challenges

Current Issues in Depth


Current Issues in Depth is a new IPS monograph series that provides history, background, and analysis on pressing topics and events.


Jerusalem and the Trump Administration: Transforming the Status Quo

This installment covers the historical and political background of the status of Jerusalem. It places the Trump administration's decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and its de-facto recognition of Israeli sovereignty in its proper context. The author demonstrates the rupture this decision created, not only with the international consensus on Jerusalem, but also with long-standing US policy and practice. He concludes by highlighting the actual and potential consequesnces o fthe US administration's decision on Jerusalem. 



Zionism, Israel, and Anti-Semitism: Dangerous Conflation

In this second installment, we share two articles that explore the history and evolution of Zionism and anti-Zionism in Britain and the U.S. The authors demonstrate how charges of anti-semitism have been increasingly weaponized against critics of Israel, while actual anti-semitism is being ignored by some of the most vocal defenders of Israael and its policies. 



UNRWA and Palestine Refugee Rights: New Assaults, New Challenges

The first installment of Current Issues in Depth aims to clarify the legal and historical issues regarding Palestine refugees and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) that are being challenged by the current US Administration.