Ending the “Deadly Exchange”: Organizers Tackle Nexus of Racist Israeli and American Law Enforcement

Police exchange programs with Israel introduce U.S. law enforcement officers to discriminatory techniques often used against communities of color.

Senate guts 1st Amendment to Guard Israel from Boycott, but Ilhan Omar can’t Bring up AIPAC

Whatever one thinks of one tweet by a first-term congresswoman, she is doing us a favor to provoke a forbidden discussion.

Journal of Palestine Studies, Autumn 2018

2018 marked seventy years since the Nakba. As the Journal of Palestine Studies embarks on this New Year, we are pleased to offer a special issue that reflects on the anniversary in unprecedented ways while simultaneously looking to the future. The articles in “1948 and Its Shadows” engage what the curators describe as “dead zones in Palestinian history,” in an attempt to “mobilize for potential [future] histories.”

Exclusive: Are U.S. Newspapers Biased Against Palestinians? Analysis of A Hundred Thousand Headlines Says Yes

With the growth of the Palestine solidarity movement, the question is whether these and other news agencies will continue to tarnish their record by disregarding the facts about Palestine.

Current Issues In Depth: UNRWA and Palestine Refugee Rights: New Assaults, New Challenges

Current Issues In Depth is a new IPS  monograph series that provides history, background, and analysis on pressing topics and events.

The first paper in this series, aims to clarify the fundamental legal and historical issues regarding Palestine Refugees and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) that are being challenged by the current US Administration’s attempts to redefine the Palestine refugee and the decision to completely defund UNRWA.


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