IPS Condemns Israeli Designation Of Six Major Human Rights Groups as “Terrorist Organizations”
October 23, 2021

The Institute for Palestine Studies condemns the Israeli government's designation of six human rights groups as "terrorist organizations." The Institute considers this a dangerous escalation that falls within the definition of "state terror."

These six human rights organizations tirelessly work to defend Palestinian rights locally and globally, winning support for the rights of the Palestinian people. They have become a reference for human rights organizations and solidarity movements around the world. 

The Israeli government's decision represents a premeditated aggression against the Palestinian people and an attempt to criminalize their struggle for national rights. It deals a preemptive blow to the efforts of Palestinian human rights organizations and their allies around the world before the International Criminal Court and the Commission of Inquiry of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which will look into Israeli crimes and violations of the rights of the Palestinian people. 

This decision threatens the staff, property and functions of these organizations. It is a flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, international human rights law and the rights of peoples under occupation. Accordingly, we call on the relevant international bodies and human rights organizations to intensify their pressure on Israeli authorities and compel them to reverse their decision and work to hold them accountable for all their violations of Palestinian human rights. We salute organizations who have taken a stand against this decision and recognize it as aggression against the entire international rights movement. 

The Institute for Palestine Studies affirms that confronting this aggression is a responsibility of all civil society organizations and Palestinian official and popular groups. This is especially urgent, since the six targeted organizations have dedicated themselves to protecting the Palestinian people and contributing to the national building process. 

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