Journal of Palestine Studies, Issue 199
September 24, 2021

We cannot simply celebrate the greater level of attention that Palestine is receiving while Palestinians are increasingly being repressed and Palestine is dwindling.

—Rashid Khalidi

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of the Journal of Palestine Studies, which features an article by long-standing journal editor Rashid Khalidi reflecting on the history of the Journal, its role in shaping Palestine knowledge production, and its possible futures. This article, along with a book review by Steve Tamari of the recently co-released volumes on Kamal Boullata’s oeuvre, Uninterrupted Fugue and There Where You Are Not, are temporarily free to all readers.

Also in this issue, readers will find a cluster of essays titled “History from Below: Lessons from Palestine” and introduced by JPS coeditor Sherene Seikaly; an article by Sophie Richter-Devroe on the expansive political imaginaries of young Palestinian refugees; and an essay coauthored by Pearce Clancy and Richard Falk on the ICC’s efforts to bring Israel’s apartheid regime to account.

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Journal of Palestine Studies
Vol. 50 No. 3, 2021

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