Sabra and Shatila, 1982: A Massacre by Proxy
September 16, 2021
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Palestinian Timeline

Highlight | On September 14, 1982, the Lebanese President Bashir Gemayel (who had been elected three weeks prior) was assassinated in an explosion targeting the headquarters of the Kataeb (Phalanges) Party in the Achrafieh district of East Beirut. The following day, the Israeli occupation forces took control of West Beirut, and the Lebanese Forces began preparing to invade the Shatila camp and the Sabra neighborhood. On September 16, they entered the camp in cooperation with members of the South Lebanon Army. They perpetrated a horrific massacre under the supervision of the Israeli occupying forces, where they massacred hundreds of Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptians, and Sudanese civilians in about three days. 

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