Issue . 72
P. 124
CALL FOR PAPERS - Policing, Imprisonment, Crime, & Criminal Justice in Palestine

Submission deadline is 31 March 2018.

Contributions may include (but are not limited to) examinations of:

- Histories of crime and lawbreaking in Jerusalem and Palestine

- Histories of criminal justice institutions and officers

- Relationships and interactions between civilian communities and police

- Policing, prisons, and/or crime and communal difference

- Policing, prisons, and/or crime and gender

- Organization and structure of criminal justice systems (security forces, courts, jails and prisons, and so on)

- Prison culture and daily life of inmates and detainees

- Criminal procedure, forensic technologies, and investigation

- Smuggling and underground/illicit econonmies

- Interactions and interplay between formal and informal mechanisms of justice

- Popular perceptions of policing and/or law-breaking

- Policing, imprisonment, crime, and criminal justice in cultural production (literature, theater, film, visual arts, and so on)

- Law and policing in producing and enforcing spatial and communal boundaries

- Works that focus on or give precedence to Jerusalem are especially appreciated.