Issue . 59
P. 54
Political Opposition to Zionism in Palestine and Greater Syria: 1910–1911 as a Turning Point

The relatively short period at the turn of the year 1910–1911 was of profound importance for the development of political opposition to Zionism in Palestine and its neighboring Arab regions. During a period of about a year, several important events and incidents occurred; a number of Arab journalists, notables, and officers became involved in anti-Zionist activities and campaigns; and the quantity of articles critical of Zionism published in the Arabic press markedly increased. Based on these and other reasons, we are convinced that the months at the end of 1910 and the first half of 1911 represent the turning point in the attitudes of the educated Arab public toward Jewish land purchases in Palestine, Jewish immigration, and the Zionist movement. The first part of this study consists of short portrayals of a number of momentous events during this period. In the second part we present and discuss the far-reaching impact of these events which lead us to the conclusion that it was at that particular point in time that anti-Zionism became an important factor in Greater Syria in general and Palestine in particular.