JPS Assistant Editor Speaks at Congress

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JPS Assistant Editor Speaks at Congress

May 21 - Journal of Palestine Studies Assistant Editor, Nour Joudah spoke at a Congressional Briefing on Wednesday, about her experience being denied entry into Ramallah by Israel.


Congress is currently considering adding Israel to the U.S. Visa Waiver Program, while concerns have arisen over the treatment of Americans attempting to enter Israel. Over 22 Senate offices had staffers in attendance during the briefing, along with representatives from the State Department, Homeland Security and guests from the general public. 


Joudah was a teacher of 9th grade English in Ramallah in the West Bank and the Friend's School in 2012, before joining the staff of the Journal of Palestine Studies. After taking a short trip to Jordan during the school's winter break, she was interrogated, detained and eventually denied reentry by Israeli border agents. She faced discrimination and arbitrary denial despite having an American Passport, a multiple entry visa and both a residency and work permit.  


"Israel's induction into the Visa Waiver program, would codify, rather than challenge, Israel's discriminatory policies towards US citizens at their controlled borders," she said during her testimony. "The call to not include Israel in the US Visa Waiver program is not about one clause in or one clause out, it is about the need to affirm basic human decency." 


Watch her testimony here: