The Zionist Mind : The Origins and Development of Zionist Thought
Institute for Palestine Studies
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This study traces the roots of the Zionist idea and its emergence in the context of the Jewish "Enlightenment", or the "Haskala", during the nineteenth century. It sheds light on the contradictions between Zionism as a modern ideology and the Judaic tradition as a religious belief. The study analyzes the cultural tensions and the problems of identity resulting from the clash between two contradictory approaches to the Jewish existence and future. It also examines the various problems and issues arising from the creation of the state of Israel, with regard to Arab-Jewish relations as well as Jewish-Israeli relations.

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Alan R. Taylor was professor of Middle East studies at the American Universitys School of International Service in Washington, DC. He is the author of The Arab Balance of Power (Syracuse University Press); The Islamic Question in Middle East Politics; Prelude to Israel : An Analysis of Zionist Diplomacy, 1897-1947; and The Zionist Mind: the Origins and Development of Zionist Thought.