Senior Fellow
Sanaa Hammoudi

Researcher and editor at the Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut.

Holder of State Doctorate in Political Science from the Lebanese University in Beirut. Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the Department of Political Science at the Beirut Arab University, and participant in the committees supervising the university research and dissertations. Her Masters thesis entitled: The Strategy of Extraction in the Zionist Thought (1948 War as a model).

She has written a number of articles and studies on the Palestinian Question and a book titled: “The Concept of Political Leadership in Palestine under the British Mandate”, published in Beirut (2008) by the Arab Network for Research and Publishing, and a study in the book titled “Palestinian Studies and Research in memory of Dr. Anis Sayegh”, published in Amman in 2014 by Dar Al Biruni. She is also a member of the Arab Association of Political Science.