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Muhsin Al-Ayni

Mohsin A. Alaini, born in Bani Behlol, Sana’a in 1932. Studied at Sorbonne University, and on Cairo University Law. Before the Yemeni revolution of 1962, he taught at the Educational Institute in Aden and Secretary General of the Teachers’ Guild and a member of the executive board of the Labor Conference. He was removed from Aden by the British, and went to Cairo, where he worked at the International Federation of Labor. Alaini was appointed as Foreign Minister to the newly formed government of the Republic of Yemen in 1962. He was then appointed permanent member to the United Nations and Ambassador to the United States of America. Several times he was Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was also Ambassador to the Soviet Union, France, Britain, Germany, United States and United Nations. In 1997 he was appointed Adviser of political affairs and Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board to the President. Alaini wrote and published “Battles and Plots Against Yemen Revolution” and “Fifty Years in Shifting Sands”. He also translated “ Une Française médecin au Yémen“ by Claudie Fayein. He is a member of many Thought Forums concerned with Arab issues.