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Issam Naaman

Issam Naaman, Lawyer, politician, columnist and former Member of Parliament and Minister of Telecommunications. Born in 1942 in Sidon (South Lebanon).

Education: American University of Beirut, Lebanese University, Colombia Pacific University- San Rafael, California, USA. Diplomas: B.A. in Public Administration, M.A. in Political Science, License in Law; Ph.D. in Public Law and Political Science.

Career: Attorney-at-Law (since1976); Lecturer at Faculty of Information, Lebanese University (1978-88).

Work: Participant in several academic seminars in Universities of Oxford, UK and Maryland, U.S.A.; Elected Member of Parliament (1992-96). Appointed Minister of Telecommunications (1998-2000).

Publications: Author of several books and political articles.

Main books: “A New Vision Of The Arab Cause” (1974) ; Whither Lebanon ?” (1979), “What Kind Of Democracy?” (1984). “Arabs Oil And The World” (1990); Arabs At Crossroads (2001). “Do The Arabs Change?” (2003). “America, Islam and Nuclear Weapons” (2007).

Member: (Leadership) of Lebanese National Movement (1975-82), of Reform Committees of Lebanese System (1984- 85), of the “National Front for Defending the Constitution 2013 ...), of Lawyers Syndicate.