Update on Conflict and Diplomacy

This update is a summary of bilateral, multilateral, regional, and international events affecting the Palestinians and the future of the peace process. More than 100 print, wire, television, and online sources providing U.S., Israeli, Arab, and international independent and government coverage of unfolding events are surveyed to compile the quarterly Update. The most relevant sources are cited in JPS’s Chronology section, which tracks events day by day. JPS Chronologies are archived on the JPS website at www.palestine-studies.org.

Highlights of the Quarter:

The surge (habba) of resistance, random attacks, and protests that began in Jerusalem in 9/2015 continues to dissipate this quarter as the Israeli govt. maintains and strengthens its crackdown on the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt), left-wing Israeli activists, and the Palestinian minority in Israel. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects international efforts to push Israel toward peace talks with the Palestinians and shifts his ruling coalition further to the right. The French peace initiative advances with Palestinian backing despite Israeli opposition. Egypt lends its weight to the international peace efforts, but fails to break the Palestinian-Israeli diplomatic impasse. Internally, Palestinians prepare for municipal elections on 10/8. In an important regional development, Israel and Turkey reach a formal reconciliation agreement, paving the way for a return to full diplomatic relations.