Brief: Israeli Propaganda Surges After Attacks on Gaza
November 13 2023

The Israeli propaganda machine has been working hard to control the global narrative to support for Israel and deny the unfolding genocide in Gaza by attempting to manipulate, bribe, and threaten social media influencers.  

Guy Christensen, a viral Tiktoker better known by username @yourfavoriteguy, explained in a video he posted last month that he was offered $5,000 by an unnamed Zionist organization to post a pro-Israel propaganda video for his audience of 345,000. Christensen shared a screenshot of the email he received. TikTok took down his video for a “Community Guidelines violation.” 

The text of the email read:

We have been following your content on TikTok and appreciate your passion for the Middle East. Our organization, which seeks to help understanding, would like to offer you a sponsorship opportunity. We have noticed your support for the Palestinian cause, and we respect your dedication to important issues. However, we believe that there may be some misunderstandings and misperceptions regarding Israel and you have fallen for the lies of the rabid dogs. We are willing to offer you $5,000 to go live and pledge your support for Israel. We aim to provide you with resources and experts who can make you see the truth. Your voice is influential, and we believe it’s essential to not spread the lies of terrorists on accident. We look forward to working together to promote greater truth in the world.

Christensen has since posted two TikTok videos resharing the screenshot and Christensen ends the video reaffirming his support for Palestine, despite the substantive monetary offer. “This is disgusting. You cannot buy my morals. You cannot buy my support of a genocide, not in a million years and not even for a million dollars,” he said in one of the videos.  

In more malicious attempts to silence individuals with large followings, Zionists have leveraged threats if influencers do not comply with orders of disseminating pro-Israel messaging. 

Faryal Makhdoom, social media influencer and wife of notable boxer Amir Khan, received a WhatsApp communication from an account claiming to represent Israeli officials, reading: “[L]et’s make this quite simple. If you support Israel and cease posting about Palestine, we will ensure you are rewarded lucratively. If you don’t or if this is [publicized], there will be severe consequences. Your choice Mrs Faryal. Take care.”

Dina Torkia, a trending vlogger, received an identical message. Both influencers posted the messages to their Instagram Stories, refusing to buckle to the threats. 

Other brands have threatened to pull sponsorships and cancel contracts from social media influencers, promising more money if the social media figures delete their pro-Palestine content and pledge allegiance to Israel on camera.

The other side of the Zionist propaganda machine is equally effective in Zionist monopolization of algorithmic data, and relies on Israeli social media users. In effort to downplay the genocide experienced by Palestinians in Gaza, Israelis have popularized a new trend on Tiktok and Instagram Reels, in which they mock the conditions of Palestinian refugees.

Trending videos depict Israelis comparing Palestinians to dogs, show Israelis drawing stereotypical/orientalist features on their faces to mimic the appearance of Palestinians, and feature Israelis dancing in front of images of crumbled Palestinian hospitals and residential buildings bombed by Israel. 

Israeli propaganda surges in the aftermath of Israeli attacks on Gaza, as the regime attempts to mitigate harm done to its reputation by burying evidence posted by Palestinians on the ground  and by undermining popular support for Palestine.

About The Author: 
Anna Rajagopal is a South Asian Jewish organizer and writer based in Houston, Texas. 
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