Journal of Palestine Studies, Issue 205
May 24 2023

A panoply of tightly woven arguments is deployed to explain the gap or health disparities between Israelis and Palestinians that use depoliticized terms such as socioeconomic status, culture, and behavior while ignoring the larger political context of settler colonialism and minoritization that have produced the entire statistical category of the “Arab minority” or “non-Jew” in Israel and its worst health outcomes. –Osama Tanous

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the release of the first issue of the Journal of Palestine Studies for 2023. The issue features an article by pediatrician and public health scholar Osama Tanous on the health of Palestinians inside the Green Line and attempts to explain health issues as an issue of minority health, rather than situating the health of Palestinians in Israel within the realm of Indigenous health and the settler-colonial nature of the state of Israel. The article, along with a review of Voices of the Nakba: A Living History of Palestine, edited by Diana Allan, reviewed by Yara Hawari, is free to all readers.

Other pieces in this issue include articles by Sarah Irving about the 1927 earthquake in Palestine and the British Mandate government’s handling of it; Niall Ó Murchú writes about flag colors device in Palestinian films; and Marcelo Svirsky writes about the marginalization of Mizrahi Jews before 1948 within Zionist institutions. The issue also includes an interview by Eman Alasah with writer and lawyer Raja Shehadeh. This issue features a reflection essay by R. Isa on the precarity of Jerusalem residency (i.e., Israeli permanent residency) and sumud. The issue also contains two more book reviews: one by Liron Mor of Being There, Being Here: Palestinian Writings in the World and Palestinian Citizens in Israel: A History Through Fiction, 1948-2010, the other by Haifa Mahabir of Unsettling the World: Edward Said and Political Theory.

Happy Reading!

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