Silwan, the Bleeding Wound
Wadi Hilwa
City of David
Batn al-Hawa
Wadi al-Rababa
al-Bustan neighborhood
Ras al-'Amud
Holy Basin

Silwan neighborhood, immediately south of the outer walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, has been the site of an ongoing Zionist settlement campaign using all of the diverse tools of demographic displacement. This settlement drive in Silwan has reached blatant proportions, enploying claims of “state lands,” Jewish land ownership before the Nakba, “absentee property,” creation of archaeological and heritage sites, national parks, and historical cemeteries based on biblical narratives, outright property confiscation under various pretexts, demolitions of buildings without permits, and more. In contrast, exacerbated by high Palestinian population growth on the one hand and the looting of their land on the other hand, the distinct neighborhoods that form Silwan have been turned into pockets of poverty and slums. Despite this, these residents have developed their own ways to struggle to resist Zionist settlement and maintain families in their homes.

Author biography: 

Nazmi Jubeh is associate professor in the Department of History and Archaeology, Birzeit University.