Jerusalem Quarterly, Winter 2022 (Special Issue)
December 21, 2022

This issue of the Jerusalem Quarterly is yet another special issue, this time dedicated to Jerusalem’s futures, albeit the interrupted ones. As guest editor, Falestin Naïli conjured a lineup that brings into sharper focus, and elaborates on, a familiar theme in writings on Palestine and on the condition of Palestinians in Jerusalem and elsewhere: a theme of lost opportunities and unrealized plans. We leave it to you, our readers, to imagine what this means as you contemplate the turbulent history of Jerusalem in the twentieth century.

JQ 92 is now available online and in paper form for you to enjoy during the holidays.

But before we let you go; we’d like to remind you of the approaching deadline for submissions and nominations for the Ibrahim Dakkak Award for Outstanding Essay on Jerusalem. We eagerly await the 15th of January 2023 to explore the latest research on Jerusalem.

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