Launch of Interactive Encyclopedia Postponed Due to the Assassination of Palestinian Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh
May 11, 2022

RAMALLAH, PALESTINE – The Institute for Palestine Studies and the Palestinian Museum announce the postponement of the launch event of the Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question, due to the killing of our friend and colleague, the renowned journalist Shireen Abu Akleh this morning. The launch was scheduled to be held tomorrow, May 12th, at the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit.

The two institutions mourn Abu Akleh with great sadness and sorrow. Abu Akleh was killed by Israeli Occupation Forces while covering an Israeli raid in Jenin refugee camp with a group of other journalists. A sniper shot her in the head, despite her visibly wearing a blue press vest and a protective helmet.

Abu Akleh, a Jerusalemite-born journalist, is one of the first field correspondents for Al Jazeera in Palestine. Her career spanned 25 years. Many grew up watching her on TV as she reported the truth about what was happening in Palestine and exposed Israeli crimes against the Palestinians.

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