Jerusalem Quarterly, Spring 2022 (Special Issue)
May 6, 2022

This second issue responding to the question “Who Owns Palestine?” addresses the legal relevance and interpretation of Ottoman, British, and Jordanian property regimes in Israeli courts; the rights of refugees (and others) in occupied territory; the tensions between Zionism as a project that approaches territory in ethno-national terms and the language and logics of a real estate market; and how and whether it is possible to acknowledge that those who live in a place make it their own through the daily interactions that produce a community. This issue also features one rather more immediate concern today which is the longer- and shorter-term implications for Palestinians of the aggressive surveillance, tracking, and tracing practices that have been introduced during the coronavirus pandemic.

This issue is the first under new editorship. We welcome the new Co-Editors, Lisa Taraki and Alex Winder, as we thank the efforts of Salim Tamari, the founding editor of JQ, and Beshara Doumani, JQ’s Co-Editor since 2019, who along with the editorial committee, editorial staff, and many contributors, have worked to make the Jerusalem Quarterly an invaluable forum for addressing Palestinians’ historical and ongoing experiences in and beyond Jerusalem.

JQ 89 is now available online and in paper form.

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Related Journal Issue
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