The Dom and the African Palestinians: Platforming Two Marginalized Jerusalem Communities
Minorities in Jerusalem
African Palestinians
Black culture in Jerusalem
racism in palestinian society
racism in Israeli society

Two marginalized communities living within the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, the Dom (who self-identify in English as Gypsies) and the African Community (who self-identify in English as African Palestinians), have long suffered from racism from the Israeli authorities and wider Israeli public as well as from within Palestinian society. Yet despite sharing some similarities in their historic exclusion, they live with recent experience that is very different: The African Palestinians are, broadly speaking and despite persistent racism, accepted into Palestinian society, and granted status and dignity, while the Dom remain excluded and widely vilified. This article presents voices from both communities, and offers some ideas as to why their experience differs.

Author biography: 

Matthew Teller is a writer and journalist based in the United Kingdom. His book Nine Quarters of Jerusalem: A New Biography of the Old City was published by Profile Books (UK) and Other Press (United States.) in 2022.