A Memorable Educator from Palestine: Ahmad Samih Al-Khalidi (1896–1951)
British Mandate
Ahmad Samih al-Khalidi
Arab nationalism
In Remembrance

The broad context of this article is the British Mandate on Palestine 1920–48, a period that was in fact a brutal British colonial occupation that led not only to the prevention of the realization of Palestinians’ national aspirations but ultimately to the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland. During that period, the national struggle of the Palestinians involved activists from the fields of politics, economics, education, and culture. Each field became an arena of resistance. One of the significant results was that a group of prominent and visionary Arab teachers and educators began to emerge and took upon themselves to lead and advance the educational endeavors of Palestinian society under those difficult and complex conditions. Ahmad Samih al-Khalidi was one of the most important and influential of them.

Author biography: 

Kamal Moed is a lecturer at the Open University and Sakhnin College for Teacher Education. His research interest is education in Palestinian society, especially during the British Mandate, and in Israel. He received his PhD in history and philosophy of education from Tel Aviv University.