Salute to the Prisoners of Freedom: Art Exhibition at IPS Headquarters in Beirut With the Participation of 30 Palestinian, Arab, and International Artists
March 10, 2022

IPS will inaugurate an art exhibition focusing on political prisoners and freedom on April 1, 2022, at its headquarters in Beirut (Keyword Palestine Hall).  Titled “Salute to the Prisoners of Freedom,” the exhibition will display the artworks of 30 Palestinian, Arab, and international artists (some of whom were political prisoners themselves).  It will include paintings in different media, as well as sculptures, installations, videographic works, photographs, and posters.  The exhibition coincides with the commemoration of Palestinian Prisoner’s Day, which is celebrated annually on April 17, and reflects IPS’s dedication to the cause of freedom for political prisoners, as reflected in its publications, journals, blogs, website, and archival collections, as well as its longstanding commitment to defending the values of freedom, justice, and human rights. 

The artists participating in the monthlong exhibition are:

Asma Ghanem (Palestine), Amjad Ghannam (Palestine), Ingrid Rollema (Holland), Ayman Baalbaki (Lebanon), Ibrahim Mozain (Palestine), Bashar Alhroub (Palestine), Bashir Makhoul (Palestine/UK), Jawad Ibrahim (Palestine), Hatem Gharaybeh (Palestine), Khaled Jarrar (Palestine), Raouf Karrai (Tunis), Raed Salah (Palestine), Raed Asfour (Jordan), Suzanne Groothuis (Holland), Serwan Baran (Iraq/Lebanon), Shadi Alzaqzouq (Palestine/France), Amer Shomali (Palestine), Ahed Izhiman (Palestine), Abdul Rahman Katanani (Palestine/Lebanon), Aissa Deebi (Palestine/Geneva), Maria Manrique (Spain), Mohammed Assaad Samoukan (Syria), Mohammad Saleh Khalil (Palestine), Manal Mahamid (Palestine), Monther Jawabreh (Palestine), Maitham Abdal (Kuwait), Hani Zurob (Palestine/France), Hans Overvliet (Holland) Hoda Fody (Palestine/Switzerland), Yazan Abu Salameh (Palestine). In addition to 13 posters from the IPS and Dar Al-Nimer archives.

The exhibition opens daily from 12-6 pm except Sundays. 

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