Jerusalem Quarterly, Winter 2021
January 5, 2022

Wrapping up the twenty-second year of JQ’s existence, we would like to announce the two new co-editors of the Jerusalem Quarterly – Lisa Taraki and Alex Winder – who will serve for three years beginning in January 2022. Both editors bring with them outstanding credentials and a rich career of academic and scholarly work. Lisa Taraki is a sociologist and was a founding member and director of the PhD program in the social sciences at Birzeit University, and Alex Winder is a professor of history at Brown University. They succeed current editors Beshara Doumani and Salim Tamari who will continue with JQ as editorial committee members during the next year of transition. We take this opportunity to welcome the new editors, and thank professors Doumani and Tamari for their years of service and commitment to make JQ a world-class scholarly journal.

JQ 88 is now available in paper-form. The full online version will soon be available.

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