Tariq Bab al-Silsila: A Portrait of an Old City Suq
Tariq Bab al-silsila (Chain street)
Old City of Jerusalem

Tariq Bab al-Silsila (Chain Street) is a major historical commercial and residential street in the old walled city of Jerusalem. The road displays an architectural museum, exhibiting tens of historical buildings with strikingly beautiful facades. Most of the existing buildings date to the Mamluk period (1260–1516), and some to the Crusader period (1099– 1189). Besides being an exhibition of historical buildings, the road also bears testimony to the cultural life of Jerusalem over more than seven centuries. The mixture of commerce, industry, pilgrimage, charitable foundations, and education can be seen in its zenith in Tariq Bab al- Silsila, which today is also a suq that since 1967 resists for its survival.

Author biography: 

Nazmi Jubeh is associate professor in the Department of History and Archaeology, Birzeit University.