Al-Dawayima Massacre, 29 October 1948
November 10 2023
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Highlight | The village of al-Dawayima, one of the largest villages in the Hebron area, was the scene of one of the worst massacres committed by Zionist forces in 1948, though it was covered up for many years. It was carried out by a battalion of the Palmach and began with an artillery bombardment of the village. The massacre followed in three stages: in the village houses and lanes, in the village mosque and in a nearby cave. Estimates of the number of victims vary. The village chief calculated that there were 455 victims from the village, and other victims who had taken refuge in the village, but the number of which he was unable to determine. In 1955 the Israelis built the settlement of Amatzia over some of the ruins of the village.

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