Jerusalem Quarterly, Summer 2021 (Special Issue)
August 31, 2021

As we ponder our present, can we bring new critical eyes to the past? The focus of this issue of JQ is “Time Travelers in Palestine” based on a collection of stereoscopic images taken around the year 1900. Issam Nassar and Ariella Aïsha Azoulay, guest editors of this issue, have chosen some forty images from the original collection, which appear here with their original captions and new captions.

In addition to “Time Travelers,” this issue includes two articles on workers’ rights in settlements, and on sound as an historical element; and the winning essay of the Dakkak Award for 2021 which is on the city’s early Evangelical visitors; and a new section on Jerusalem neighborhoods.

As the world goes back to traveling once again, albeit differently from pre-COVID-19 times, we hope this special issue of the Jerusalem Quarterly will take you on a safe and enjoyable trip in time and sound.

JQ 86 is now available online and in paper form.

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