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Second Day
The Multiplicity of the Uprising's Spaces
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Tuesday, August 24, 2021 - 5:00pm - 6:30pm
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The Steadfastness of Jerusalemites and Youth Resistance

Mohammed El-Kurd

The Popular Uprising: Indications of Multiple Spaces for Participation

Honaida Ghanim

Strategy of Resistance – Strategy of Occupation: Indications

Adnan Abu Amer

The Role of New Media and Social Media in Mobilization and Transcendence of Geographical Boundaries

Mohammad Abu Alrob

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10am-11:30am ET

The second panel of the conference will discuss topics of the steadfastness of Jerusalemites and youth resistance, indications of multiple spaces for participation, strategies of resistance and occupation, and the role of new media and social media in mobilization and transcendence of geographical boundaries.

Live interpretation into English is provided. 

About the speakers: 

Mohammed El-Kurd: is a Palestinian writer and poet from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem. He was pursuing a Master’s degree in the United States before returning to Sheikh Jarrah to protest the forced expulsion of his family and residents of the neighborhood. He has gained international prominence for his description of the Israeli occupation as being complicit of apartheid and settler colonialism. RIFQA, his debut collection of poetry, will be published by Haymarket Books in October 2021.

Honaida Ghanim: is the Director General of the Palestinian Center for Israeli Studies "Madar". She holds a PhD in sociology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in political and cultural sociology, and has a number of published studies on colonial policies in Palestine, the social role of the Palestinian intellectuals after the Nakba, and Judaism and nationalism in Israel.

Adnan Abu Amer: is the head of the Political Science and Media Department at the University of the Ummah in Gaza. He attained his Phd in Political Science from Damascus University and published a number of books on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Palestinian resistance and Hamas. He is a researcher and translator and writes frequently in Arab newspapers and journals.

Mohammad Abu Alrob: is Professor of digital media at Birzeit University, trainer in the field of digital reporting and social media management, advocacy campaigns and building communication strategies. He received his Phd in Media from Vienna University – Austria in 2013. Abualrob has more than 10 years of  experience in consultation provided for various international organizations.

Ghada al-Madbouh: is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at Birzeit University, she also serves as Director of Research at the Palestinian American Research Center.

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