Virtual Conference | The Jerusalem Uprising: Implications and Consequences
August 2, 2021

The Institute for Palestine Studies invites you to its two-day virtual conference, The Jerusalem Uprising: Implications and Consequences.

The recent uprising in Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah was distinguished from previous such events by the wide scope of popular participation and the blow that was dealt to the Israeli military doctrine of preemption.  Above all, the uprising restored a sense of dignity and self-confidence to the Palestinian people and strengthened their faith in their ability to unite around the struggle for political rights, despite the differing circumstances of Palestinian communities in various geographic locations.  The uprising also situated the Palestinian political liberation movement at the forefront of public discourse in the Arab world and generated widespread international solidarity.

This conference seeks to analyze the implications and consequences of the Jerusalem uprising and to diagnose the options available to build on its results, both regionally and internationally. This conference will also shed light on what is happening on the ground in Jerusalem, including the ongoing Israeli policies of “Judaization” of the neighborhoods and holy places of Jerusalem.  It will discuss means for confronting these policies and for enhancing the capabilities of youth initiatives resisting the occupation of Palestinian land.  The conference also aims to analyze the role of the Palestinians in the areas occupied in 1948 in defending Jerusalem and confronting Israeli racism, which was clearly in evidence during the recent uprising.

The conference will be held online via Zoom on August 23 and 24, 2021.

Live interpretation for all sessions is provided. 


Day 1: August 23

Session One (6pm – 8pm Jerusalem | 11am-1pm ET)

International and Regional Dimensions

Chair and Commentator: Muhammad Ali Khalidi

-Global Power and International Solidarity: Noam Chomsky

-Means of Activating the Arab Role: Sinan Anton

-Changes on the International Scene: Noura Erakat 

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Day 2: August 24

Session Two (5pm-6.30pm Jerusalem | 10am-11:30am ET)

The Multiplicity of the Uprising’s Spaces

Chair and Commentator: Ghada Madbouh

- The Steadfastness of Jerusalemites and Youth Resistance: Mohammed El-Kurd

- The Popular Uprising: Indications of Multiple Spaces for Participation: Honaida Ghanim

- Strategy of Resistance – Strategy of Occupation: Indications : Adnan Abu Amer

- The Role of New Media and Social Media in Mobilization and Transcendence of Geographical Boundaries: Mohammad Abu Alrob

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Session Three (6.30pm-9.00pm Jerusalem | 11:30am-2:00pm ET)

Roundtable Discussion: The strategic options to redress the balance of power and reestablish the centrality of the Palestinian cause

Chair and Commentator: Jamil Hilal


Hashem Abu Shama

Dana Farraj

Razi Nabulsi

Ruwaida Safadi

Laura Albast

Amany Khalifa

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