Abd al-Rahim Mahmoud (1913-1948)
July 13, 2021
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Biography | A native of the town of Anabta in the Tulkarm district, Abd al-Rahim Mahmoud was nicknamed “The Martyr Poet” following his martyrdom on July 13, 1948, during the battle of al-Shajara against Zionist forces. Mahmoud had  participated in the resistance movement against British colonialism during the Great Palestinian Revolt before seeking refuge in Iraq, where he joined the Military College and graduated as a lieutenant. In 1941, Mahmoud joined Rashid Ali al-Kilani’s revolt. Following the collapse of the latter, he returned to Palestine and worked as a teacher at the National Najah College and published his poems and articles, especially in al-Ittihad newspaper and al-Ghadd magazine, before joining the Arab Liberation Army in January 1948.

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