Omar al-Saleh al-Barghouti (1894-1965)
June 22, 2021
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Palestinian Timeline

Biography | Omar al-Saleh al-Barghouti was an honest patriot who was involved in the Palestinian national movement since 1919. He was one of the opponents of the policy of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Amin al-Husseini, and a supporter of the Take and Demand principle. After graduating from the Institute of Law in Jerusalem in 1924, Al-Barghouti established a law firm. In 1928, he was elected by the Seventh Palestinian Arab Conference to join its executive committee. Following the general Palestinian strike of 1936, he defended detainees from the militant Al-Qassam Brigades, and after the Nakba, he held several parliamentary and ministerial positions in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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