JPS “Hidden Gems” and “Greatest Hits”: Palestine through the Lens of Activism
embodied practices
grassroots mobilizing
First Intifada

This final essay in the “greatest hits” and “hidden gems” series tackles the topic of activism. Noting the richness and diversity of JPS’s contributions in this regard, Nadine Naber hones in on the necessity for hope and for grassroots mobilization at this Palestinian juncture. She exhorts readers to revisit Jonathan Kuttab’s 1988 essay, “The Children’s Revolt,” and Salim Tamari’s article, “The Palestinian Movement in Transition: Historical Reversals and the Uprising,” which appeared in 1991, for both inspiration and edification. Doing so, she argues, “allows readers to reimagine hope as a political ideology and as a set of practices that foster the possibilities for change and decolonization for years to come.”

Author biography: 

Nadine Naber is a professor in gender and women’s studies and global Asian studies at the University of Illinois. She is author/coeditor of five books on Arab/Arab American and women of color feminist activism. Naber is founder and cofounder of organizations and institutions such as Mamas Activating Movements for Abolition and Solidarity, the Arab American Cultural Center at University of Illinois at Chicago, Arab and Muslim American Studies at University of Michigan, and the Liberate Your Research trainings. Naber is a former staff person at the Center for Political Education and Building Manager at 522 Valencia (1999–2001).

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