A "Silicon" Disaster Threatening Wadi al-Jawz
East Jerusalem
Israeli occupation
Wadi al-Jawz

The Israeli municipality in Jerusalem plans to turn the only small industrial zone in East Jerusalem into a “hightech zone,” causing the removal of dozens of small shops and auto repair garages that were established before the 1967 occupation. The author reports on the impact of the plans on Palestinians in Wadi al-Jawz, who fear imminent eviction from their shops, and loss of the only source of their livelihood. They disclaim the intentions of the Israeli municipality to create a “Wadi Silicon,” modeled on Silicon Valley in the United States, as a pretext. Palestinian officials and experts argue that the project comes in the context of Israeli plans to erase the Palestinian Arab face of Jerusalem.

Author biography: 

Abd al-Raouf Arnaout, a Palestinian journalist based in East Jerusalem, has been covering issues related to the city since 1992, and since 1995 for al-Ayyam daily newspaper.

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