19 March
Type of event: 
Radical Art for Children
Special Series: 
Organizing office: 
IPS Ramallah
In partnership with: 
The Arab Education Forum
Friday, March 19, 2021 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Event Theme: 
About the event: 

Discussions of radical education often focus on education for adults. But children and young people are also centrally involved in collective struggles for radical change, contributing to and engaging in a range of political activities- The children of the Intifada are but just an example from Palestine. Such involvement tends to be rendered invisible by dominant social constructions of children as being helpless and in need of protection. In this webinar, we focus on the theory and practice of radical education for and with children. As we do this, we will seek to problematize conceptions of radical change that eclipse the role of children, as well as conceptions of children that ignore their potential and actual role in radical change; instead, we will ask how alternative educational spaces for children can lead to radical involvements with social change that can begin in childhood and be carried out throughout the rest of the life course.

The event is supported by by the Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung.

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