Maqdisi Ulema Displaced during the Crusades and Their Influence on Intellectual Life in Damascus
Nur al-Din Zangi

The cultural movement in Jerusalem stagnated following the migration of most of its scholars to the city of Damascus to escape from atrocities and massacres committed by the Crusaders. Meanwhile, the city of Damascus, which enjoyed security and stability during that period, became a homeland for construction, training, and cultural production, especially after the scientific and cultural centers in Jerusalem were destroyed by the Crusader occupation. Sultan Nur al-Din Mahmud Zangi was famous for his efforts in establishing schools and scientific centers, and known for his sponsorship and appreciation of scholars and students. Thanks to the efforts of the Qudama family Hanbalis, the city of Damascus became a famous scientific center in al-Mashriq al-Islami attended by scholars and seekers of knowledge from all over the Islamic world at that time, especially after the Jerusalemite scholars established al-Salihiyya neighborhood in Damascus.

Author biography: 

Jehad Suleiman Salem Al Masri is a lecturer at al-Quds Open University, Palestine, and a PhD student in the department of Semitic and Arab Studies, Sofia University, Bulgaria.