24 November
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Challenges and Possibilities of Archiving Palestinians' Cultural Heritage
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IPS Ramallah
Tuesday, November 24, 2020 - 18:00
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About the event: 

Where is the Palestinian cultural heritage archive? What are the ways to put it all together and what are the challenges it faces? How do we balance the archival preservation of the cultural capital, on one hand, with its preservation as a living and renewable heritage on the other?

Going through the individual and collective memory preserved in various institutions in Palestine and the region, this symposium sheds light on the different archives and methods of preserving and reviving them by exploring three experiences of archival remnants, and by simulating the experiences of Palestinian societies all over the world.

This symposium falls within a series of webinars organized by the Institute for Palestine Studies in November 2020 on "Active Palestinian Archives: Preserving Palestinian Culture and Heritage." This series explores the ways in which current museums and archive projects operate in Palestine and the diaspora and proposes perceptions and a new social future for Palestine and Palestinians.

About the speakers: 

Serene Huleileh: is a writer, researcher, a folk dancer and translator.

Nader Jalal: is a researcher and founder of NAWA for reviving Palestinian music heritage before 1948.

Hazem Jamjoum: is a researcher in the history of Arabic music, New York University.


Moderator: Hana Sleiman: is a researcher in history at Cambridge University and she is an archivist.

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