Journal of Palestine Studies, Summer 2020
October 3, 2020

The essays [in this issue] seek to transgress the specter of death, despondency, dying, and de-development.
–Danya M. Qato

The Journal of Palestine Studies is pleased to announce the release of its Summer special issue, The Pandemic and Palestine. This issue, which features a framing introduction by epidemiologist and health services researcher Danya M. Qato, examines the ongoing, structural conditions of settler-colonialism and racialized violence that amplify the challenges and threats to Palestine and the Palestinians from the Covid-19 pandemic. Health professionals and scholars in a variety of fields, from mental health to reconstructive surgery, contribute their expert knowledge to a discussion that takes readers inside Israeli prisons, to Gaza, to the Beddawi refugee camp in Lebanon, and beyond.

Also in this issue is an essay by José S. Vericat on the fracturing of the Palestinian polity as Gaza becomes an increasingly self-contained statelet; an interview with Omar Shakir, Human Rights Watch director for Israel and Palestine; and an article by Lucy A. Perry which analyzes Mahmoud Darwish’s 2005 lyrical epic “Exile” and its exploration of the political, geographical, existential, and metaphysical dimensions of displacement, banishment, and statelessness.

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