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The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs Covers "Keyword: Palestine II" Exhibition Opening
April 27, 2020

"Big-name artists are subtly slipped into the mix, such that the untrained eye might not be able to distinguish the youngest artist from the most established. Artworks are labeled, but the labels are sometimes reserved to the edges of the gallery walls, as opposed to directly below or adjacent to the work. Removing this distraction of names and labels gives us the chance to more leisurely and objectively decide which pieces resonate with us more than others. Yet, there are surely eager buyers clambering for pieces by the likes of Nabil Anani, Tayseer Barakat, Samia Halaby, Mona Hatoum and the many other world-renowned artists on display." Writes Eleni Zaras, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs correspondent, on Keyword: Palestine II. 

The exhibition opened in March and doubles as a silent auction through end of the year. Artwork can be viewed at:


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