International Documents on Palestine, 1969
Institute for Palestine Studies
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This series is an annual compilation of primary documents that attempts to offer a comprehensive picture of the different policies and attitudes adopted by countries throughout the world towards the Palestine question, as expressed by their spokesmen and leading personalities. The collection is divided into three sections: International (including Israel), United Nations, and Arab World. It includes translations from Hebrew and Arabic.


Walid Khadduri was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1942. He holds a bachelor's degree in social sciences from Michigan State University (1963), a PhD in international relations from Johns Hopkins University, Washington (1972), a master's degree in international law from Rice University, Texas (1964), and a master's degree in Jewish and Israeli studies from New York University (1969-1970). He was Editor-in-chief and Managing Director of Middle East Economic Survey (MEES) - a weekly journal specialized in oil and economic issues - in Nicosia, Cyprus, 1981-2004, then consultant at MEES based in Beirut, Lebanon (2007). He was Editor of the Economic Section of the Arab daily Al-Hayat, Beirut, Lebanon (2004-2006), and head of the Information Department at OPEC-Kuwait (1975-1980). He was appointed instructor at the Department of Political Sciences-Kuwait University (1973-1975), and Director of research at the Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut (1970-1973).

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