Jerusalem Properties and Endowments: A Study of the Old City Estates in the Twentieth Century
شادية طوقان
Institute for Palestine Studies in collaboration with Taawoun
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This book examines the features of urban space in the old city in Jerusalem and its social and historical significance through analyzing types of ownerships including family and charitable waqfs. The book provides charts, diagrams and illustrative maps that indicate types and ratios of property ownerships and their approximate sizes, along with descriptions of real estate properties and methods of their usage. Extracted from initial research data and archival sources and urban architectural surveys, the book’s info is of great benefit to all researchers specializing in Jerusalem’s history and in Levant cities in general.

The study presents the results of the project for documenting property ownership in the old town in Jerusalem, as accomplished by Taawon’s Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization Program (OCJRP), in collaboration with a professional team from the department of maps in Arab Studies Society in Jerusalem. This was guided by a dedicated effort to outline the historical context of various ownership systems in Palestine, aiming at reaching a better historical understanding of the sources of the study and at contributing to understanding the transformations and policies of urban landscape in Palestine.


Munir Fakher Eldin holds a PhD in History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies from New York University and is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies at Birzeit University.

Salim Tamari is IPS senior fellow and the former director of the IPS-affiliated Institute of Jerusalem Studies. He is editor of Jerusalem Quarterly and Hawliyyat al Quds.

He is professor of sociology at Birzeit University and an adjunct professor at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University. He has authored several works on urban culture, political sociology, biography and social history, and the social history of the Eastern Mediterranean. Recent publications include: Year of the Locust: Palestine and Syria during WWI (UC Press, 2010); Ihsan's War: The Intimate Life of an Ottoman Soldier (IPS, Beirut, 2008); The Mountain Against the Sea (University of California Press, 2008); Biography and Social History of Bilad al Sham (edited with I. Nassar,2007, Beirut IPS); Pilgrims, Lepers, and Stuffed Cabbage: Essays on Jerusalem's Cultural History (edited, with I. Nassar, IJS, 2005) and Essays on the Cultural History of Ottoman and Mandate Jerusalem (editor, IJS, 2005). Tamari has served as visiting professor, University of California at Berkeley (2005, 2007, 2008); Eric Lane Fellow, Cambridge University (2008); lecturer in Mediterranean Studies Venice University (2002-present); among other posts.

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