Zionist Thought in the Labyrinth of Renewal and Regeneration: The Dialectic of Internal Contradictions and their Practical Ramifications
Institute for Palestine Studies
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This study revolves around the intellectual analysis of some fundamental political trends and currents in Israel which intends to demonstrate the motives of the Israeli policies throughout the last years, and monitor the current changes and contests that took place over the last two decades. The study emphasizes mainly on the neo-Zionism discourse, as voiced by the conservative national movement that started developing as a result of an ideological convergence between two currents: the secular right-wing nationalist party and the National Religious Party (who have united together under one extremist party); the post-Zionist party, which is a critical political thought that started emerging in an attempt to encounter the latter party, based on intellectual and ideological principles, some of which have developed throughout the Zionist thought prior to the emergence of Israel, and another part was influenced by post-modern and post-colonial thought. The study delves into the dialectic of contradictions between these two currents and the repercussions of such vigorous contradiction on the development of each.


Amal Jammal, lecturer in the Faculty of Political Science in Tel Aviv University, and General Director of  I’lam Center, the Arab Center for Media, Freedom, Development and Research in Nazareth. He published a number of studies on Israeli and Palestinian thought and policies published in local and international journals, as well as numerous books in Arabic, English and Hebrew.