Studia Palaestina - Studies in Honour of Constantine K. Zurayk
Edited by
Hisham Nashabeh
Institute for Palestine Studies
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وليد الخالدي
المسألة الصهيونية
محمد روحي الخالدي
عبد الكريم رافق
الكلية العربية في القدس
محمود زايد
معركة بلعة
مذكرات فوزي القاوقجي
خيرية قاسمية
بيان نويهض الحوت
الحركة الوطنية في فلسطين

This is a collection of research papers in Arabic, English, and French, written by nineteen Arab and non-Arab scholars in honor of the historian and educator, Dr. Constantine K. Zurayk. Dr. Zurayk was a founding member of the IPS, president of the board of trustees from 1963-1984, and the honorary president of the board of trustees from 1985-2000. Some of the studies address the intellectual output of Dr. Zurayk, while others consider various aspects of Palestinian history.


Constantine Zurayk is a prominent nationalist thinker and one of the pioneers of Arab Nationalism through his books and his leadership of “Al Urwa Al Wuthqua” association in the American University of Beirut, where he worked as a History professor and as an acting university president. Two of his widely read and quoted books are titled, “The Meaning of Nakba” and “Nationalist Awareness”, among many others in academia and in political thought.

Dr. Hisham Nashabeh obtained his doctorate from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He served as dean of education at the Makassed Philantropic Islamic Association in Beirut, and as the representative of Lebanon at UNESCO, and as the representative of Lebanon at ALECSO and as chairperson of its Executive Board. He is the chairman of the IPS Board of Trustees and the director of the Institute of Higher Islamic Studies, Beirut.

Table of Contents
A Bibliography of Works by Constantine K. Zurayk
حول آراء قسطنطين زريق في القضية الفلسطينية
كتاب السيونزم أو المسألة الصهيونية لمحمد روحي الخالدي المتوفى سنة 1913
الفئات الاجتماعية ومصادر الثروة والسلطة في غزة في أواخر الخمسينات من القرن التاسع عشر
الكلية العربية في القدس
معركة بلعة (1936) في ضوء مذكرات فوزي القاوقجي
سوريا والقضية الفلسطينية في الفترة ما بين الحربين 1918-1939
جذور الحركة الوطنية في فلسطين
Part 1: Palestine in Constantine Zurayk's Thought
Al-Wa'y al-Qawmi et sa place dans l'évolution de la pensée nationaliste arabe
Re-reading "The Meaning of the Disaster" in 1985
Part 2: Palestine in History
Musa 'Alami and the Problem of Palestine, 1933-1949
The Trade of Jaffa, 1825-1914
'Izz al-Din al-Qassam, un home dunanimité
The Emergence of Modern Palestine (1856-1882)
Some Medieval Accounts of Salah al-Din's Recovery of Jerusalem (Al-Quds)
The Political Geography and Administration of Bahri Mamluk Palestine: The Evidence of al-Qalqashandi
Part 3: Palestine in International Politics
Western Hostility to Palestinian Nationalism
Les modes d'explication des relations privilégiées israélo-américianes
Part 4: Palestine in Political Literature
"Chronique de la tristesse ordinaire" de Mahmud Darwish
Reflections on the Palestine Tragedy

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