The Nakba of 1948: Causes and Solutions
Introduced by
Walid Khalidi
Institute for Palestine Studies
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الخطر اليهودي
الهلال الخصيب

"It is useful for Arabs, in the sixtieth anniversary of the Nakba, to go back in time and remember its impact on our ancestors who lived it, so that they would realize what our most insightful predecessors understood about the reality of Zionism, and the dangers it poses not only to Palestine but to all Arabs." (From the introduction of Prof. Walid Khalidi).


George Hanna, a Lebanese doctor who was drawn to writing and politics through his membership in the movement of Peace Advocates, and his post as president of the Soviet-Lebanese Friendship. He is the author of several books, including “Road to Salvation” (1948), “The Reality of the Arab World” (1953), and “Political Awareness” (1956) along with other books about women’s liberation and his visits to the Eastern block countries.

Constantine Zurayk is a prominent nationalist thinker and one of the pioneers of Arab Nationalism through his books and his leadership of “Al Urwa Al Wuthqua” association in the American University of Beirut, where he worked as a History professor and as an acting university president. Two of his widely read and quoted books are titled, “The Meaning of Nakba” and “Nationalist Awareness”, among many others in academia and in political thought.

Qadri Tuqan, a Mathematics teacher in “Najah” school in Nablus and its headmaster. He wrote about scientific and nationalistic issues, and was subsequently arrested and exiled. After Nakba he occupied several legislative and ministerial posts in Jordan, and was elected as a member in the Arab Science Academy in Damascus and acted as a president of the Jordanian Association of Science.

Musa Alami played leading roles in the Palestinian nationalist movement and participated in the Palestinian delegation to London conference (1939) of which the White Paper was issued. He was chosen as a representative of Palestine in the Alexandria conference which paved the road to the establishment of the Arab league and established several offices in major International cities to promote Arab causes including the Palestinian cause. He created a fund to save Palestinian land titled, “Development Project”.

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