The Holy War of Arab Palestine: The First Arabic Book on the British Mandate Period and the Beginning of the 1936 Great Revolt
Introduction by
Walid Khalidi
The Institute for Palestine Studies
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وعد بلفور
الانتداب البريطاني
صك الانتداب
عز الدين القسام
معاهدة سايكس - بيكو
النضال العربي
النضال الفلسطيني

A collaborative work by three Moslems from Jaffa. The book, initially published in 1936, examines the various revolts of the Palestinians in the twenties and thirties, paying special attention to that of 1936. The book was read by a large number of rebels because the authors had participated in the uprisings and had incorporated their personal experience in what they wrote. They were among the first Palestinians to stress the necessity for Arab solidarity in order to preserve the Arab character of the country.


Ibrahim Ramiz Najm, born in Jerusalem in 1895, he attended the Military Academy in Istanbul and served in the Ottoman Army during World War I. He earned a Law degree from the Faculty of Law in Jerusalem after the British occupation and practiced law in Jaffa during the time of the British mandate. Najm was one of the founders of the Muslim-Christian Society and a member of the National Fund Committee in Jaffa. He contributed to founding the Islamic Sporting Club and the Young Men’s Muslim Association in Jaffa.

Amin Musa Aql, born in Jerusalem in 1900, he studies Law in Jerusalem and worked with Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini during the time of the British Mandate. He was arrested for two years by the Mandate authorities; he worked as a lawyer and judge in Jaffa; then became Secretary of the National Committee of Jaffa in 1948; and was elected a Minister in the All-Palestine Government of 1948. He worked at the Political Administration Dept. of the Arab League, died in London in December 1970 and was buried in Cairo.

Omar ‘Abdul Karim Abu al-Nasr, born in Beirut in 1888, he worked in journalism in Lebanon, Egypt and Syria, and was the author of numerous literary and historical works and novels. He supervised the printing of this book in Beirut, and died in 1960.

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