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Upside Down, Inside Out: Palestine from Above
October 17, 2019

Yazid AnaniGuest Editor

This special Jerusalem Quarterly issue will accompany an exhibit with a similar title next year at A. M. Qattan Foundation. The issue will explore how the technology of mapping and imaging has been used to depict the Palestinian landscape from various elevations for a variety of uses: mapping, surveillance, art, planning, .etc.
Artists, academics, and writers are invited to submit articles between
 2000–4000 words focusing on these and related themes. Contributions are encouraged to tackle issues such as: image representation of Palestine and its people/ geography; the notion of what is of interest and disinterest in the eye of the image maker versus what is not represented or captured and why; uses of aerial photography in railways, military points, airports, roads and other infrastructure; unpacking urban planning paradigms through images; scrutinizing the issue of transformation of the landscape, and its natural/ human causes, as well as other issues pertaining to surveillance and intelligence.

Submission deadline is 20 November 2019. Send to: [email protected]

Please separate images from texts when submitting.

All images have a minimum resolution of 600dpi, if possible, and have copyright clearance from owners if needed.

Villages north from Imwas and Latrun: south from Saffa, 13. December 1917. Bayern State Archives, Munich.

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