The Jerusalem Quarterly accepts author submissions of original contributions about Jerusalem, its social and political history, and its current realities. Occasionally personal memoirs or works of fiction are accepted. Submissions may be made throughout the year; deadlines for special thematic issues may also be announced.

JQ sends all manuscripts to designated readers for evaluation. Authors should allow four to eight weeks from the date of submission for a final evaluation and publication decision.

Please direct submissions or queries to the JQ team: [email protected]

Submission Guidelines

Articles submitted to JQ for consideration should adhere to the following:

  • Size: 3,500 to 12,000 words, and including an abstract (maximum 200 words), a list of keywords (maximum 10), and a short author's biography (maximum 25 words).
  • Spelling: American English according to Merriam-Webster
  • Text style: Refer to Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) for all questions regarding punctuation, capitalization, and font style.
  • Transliteration of Arabic and Hebrew names and words should follow the style recommended by the International Journal for Middle East Studies.
  • Citations should be in the form of endnotes and written in full (CMOS) as in the original source, with transliteration if Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Photos (minimum 600 dpi), charts, graphs, and other artwork should be camera-ready format. The author should provide captions and credits, and indicate the preferred placement in the manuscript. The author is responsible for securing permission to reproduce copyrighted materials.