Palestine in the Ayyubid and Mamluk Eras (1187-1516)


This research covers an important era of Palestine's history stretching over more than three centuries, from Salahuddin's recapture of Jerusalem in 1187 to the subjection of this country to Ottoman rule in 1516. In addition to the political and administrative changes witnessed in this period, the study touches upon the demographic, religious, confessional and social changes entailed by the economic factors or the military policies. It also probes the economic conditions after the spread of feudalism and the drastic changes in land property. It also sheds a new light on the scientific, cultural, and urban lives. The research is a confirmation of the continuity of the Palestinian Arab history, and a refutation of the basic tenet of Zionist rhetoric that there never rose after the Crusades' Kingdom in Palestine any independent political entity except the State of Israel.

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Khalil ATHAMINAH teaches Arab Islamic history and civilization at Birzeit University in Palestine. His research field includes early Islam, the Umayyad state, and early Abbasid period. His special interest is in the social, economic, and religious aspects of early Islamic societies. Dr. Athaminah edited volume VI of Baladuris History (Ansab al-Ashraf) published in 1993.


Institute for Palestine Studies
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