Memoirs of Najati Sidqi (1905-1979)


The memoirs describe Sidqi's recruitment by the Communist Party in Palestine, his years as a student at Moscow University, his underground activities against the British (Mandatory) authorities, and his escape from the country. Sidqi's many party assignments included the task of dissuading Franco's Muslim Moroccan troops from fighting for the future fascist dictator. Returning to the East, Sidqi was deeply involved in the politics of the Communist Party of Syria, giving us fascinating glimpses into the personalities and the infighting involved. This is a most unusual and intriguing autobiographical Palestinian account.

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Najati SIDQI was born in Jerusalem into a middle class family and educated in the city's school. He was one of the very few Palestinians to graduate from Moscow University (1925). At 14, he accompanied his father to the Hijaz, Syria, and Egypt, then returned to Jerusalem and began working for the postal and telegraph service. This marked the beginning of what he calls the "political phase" of his life. As a loyal party member he carried out an extraordinary range of assignments which took him to Tashkent in the East and Spain in the West. He writes: "I hid this period of my political life for nearly thirty seven years…". About the second phase of his life, he writes that "it pertains to literature, writing, translation, broadcasting, and composing radio plays and short stories. A selection of this writing has been published in thirteen volumes …".

Introduced and compiled by:Hanna Abu Hanna

Hanna ABU HANNA is a Palestinian poet, researcher and educator. He was born in al-Raineh (District of Nazareth) in 1928. He was head of the Arab Orthodox College in Haifa, and lecturer at the University of Haifa and at the Teachers' Training College. He has several collections of poems, and a number of researches in Palestinian cultural heritage, and a series of children books. He holds al-Quds Medal for poetic creation, and the Palestine Award for autobiography.


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