Living Palestine: Family Survival, Resistance, and Mobility under Occupation


This groundbreaking volume takes an in-depth look at how individuals, families, and entire households “cope,” negotiate their lives, and achieve personal and collective goals in Occupied Palestine. Contributors raise critical questions about tradition vs. modernity and the sociocultural consequences of emigration. Living Palestine establishes that household dynamics (i.e., kin-based marriage, fertility decisions, children’s education, and living arrangements) cannot be fully grasped unless linked to traumas of the past and worries of the present. Likewise, family strategies for survival and social mobility under occupation are swept up in the tide of history that engulfs the world in which Palestinians live and struggle. Living Palestine is drawn from an expansive research project of the Institute for Women’s Studies at Birzeit University which sought to examine the Palestinian house-hold from multiple perspectives through a survey of two thousand house-holds in nineteen communities.

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Edited by:Lisa Taraki

Lisa TARAKI is associate professor of sociology at Birzeit University. She has published articles in books and professional journals on Palestinian mass organizations and the Palestinian national movement, Jordanian Islamists and gender relations, and various aspects of gender relations in Middle Eastern and Palestinian Society. She has also contributed to several commissioned reports in socioeconomic and gender issues in Palestine. She is currently researching urban life in Palestine.


Institute for Palestine Studies
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