Israeli Views on Regional Conflicts and their Security Reprecussions for Israel Studies by Senior Israeli Generals and Researchers


Since the beginning of the so-called “Arab Spring”, and during the tumultuous years that followed, the Arab World was plagued by huge political storms that resulted in the devastation of entire countries, the dispossession of many peoples, the collapse of political regimes and visible transformations in long established geographical entities. Political and intellectual circles around the world are still occupied with the ramifications of these devastating developments. Research centers in Israel, along with the Israeli press, followed the events in the Arab region and Middle East at large closely, analyzing their potential ramifications on Israel while focusing on what Israel must do to defend itself against any potential dangers or consequences. A group of senior Israeli researchers, political experts and generals were among those who monitored these developments.

The Institute for Palestine Studies follows both the publications issued by Israeli research centers and Israeli media’s treatment of related topics. Accordingly, our team reviews hundreds of studies and thousands of articles before selecting those deemed most objective and instrumental to the goal of understanding Israeli schools of thought. It is a well-known fact that both branches of leadership in Israel, the political and the military, benefit greatly from recommendations and analysis offered by academic research centers and specialized strategic think tanks prior to determining their policies.

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Edited by:Ahmad Khalifeh

Ahmad KHALIFEH is a senior research fellow in Hebrew at the Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS) Beirut office.

Compiled by:Randa Haidar

Randa HAIDAR is the editor of Mukhtarat min al-Suhuf al-Ibriyah, the daily bulletin published by the Institute for Palestine Studies.


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