Israel and the War in Lebanon: Assessments by Israeli Experts


Relying on Israeli and Hebrew sources, this documentary compilation comprises assessments of Israeli experts, officials, and Middle East specialists concerning the first three years of the Israeli military involvement in Lebanon subsequent to the invasion of 1982. It documents debates in the official, academic and journalistic circles in Israel regarding the decisions leading to the war, as well as the aims and costs of the “Peace for Galilee” invasion.


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About the Author(s)

Prepared by:Rida Salman,Randa Haidar Shararah,Yola Batal

Rida SALMAN was a former researcher at the Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut

Randa HAIDAR SHARARAH Is the editor of "Mukhtarat min al-Suhuf al-Ibriyah", the daily bulletin published by the Institute for Palestine Studies.

Yola BATAL was a former researcher at the IPS in Beirut.

Revised by:Samir Jabbour,Khalid Ayid

Samir JABBOUR is a Palestinian from Western Galilee who obtained his MA degree in history from St. Joseph University in Beirut. He was a senior Hebraist and the head of the Translation Department at the IPS in Beirut.

Khalid AYID is a Palestinian who obtained his doctorate in history from St. Joseph University in Beirut. He was a senior research fellow in Hebrew studies at the IPS in Beirut and a member of the editorial board of the IPS’ Arabic journal, Majallat al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyah.


Institute for Palestine Studies
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